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Did you know that the first thing that Google ever “tweeted was “I’m feeling lucky” in binary code? Well, that is exactly what they did on February 26, 2009, when they jumped on the bandwagon that has been nothing less than one of the most annoying trends of all time. Whether or not you are the type of person who is quick to latch onto the latest internet trend, or one who prefers to sit out and watch others make fools of themselves, it is impossible to ignore the internet’s far-reaching influence.

Unless you’ve been living underground for the last 15 years or so, it seems as if the internet cannot get any more popular than it all ready is. However, year after year global web statistics prove otherwise. For instance, statistics culled from the International Telecommunications Union show that the percentage of global internet users Continue reading

SEO Marketing

Seo marketing

SEO marketing is perhaps the newest way of maximizing on the Google platform and market. Even when Google was still a research project that utilized Legos to stand for their storage component and was part of what was used to test the PageRank algorithm, we know that the eventual goal was to find a way to profit from the internet search phenomenon that was taking over as many SEO blogs will highlight now. Search was new, and it was bound to be big!

While about three fourths of all internet users will choose the organic results over any sponsored searches, we are seeing how evident it is for a business to have SEO marketing, because in the consumers mind, this is building credibility and makes the inbound leads that come in as a result, be much more qualified and will cost over sixty percent less due to the volume. This SEO marketing strategy, known as online marketing can be seen as one of the most successful internet marketing strategies ever as many Seo news blogs will attest to. Over fifty percent of marketers in the business to business arena will agree that SEO marketing has had the largest impact in their lead generation to date.

SEO marketing has taken it as far as becoming search friendly for mobile devices and tablet computers. By still making the sites easier to read, SEO marketing continues to work just as well on mobile devices because they have become easier to read and see, and as a result people will turn to their mobile devices to do searches for the things they need and want. Because SEO marketing has advanced at such a fast pace and has become renowned for all that it provides, including SEO reporting for the SEO marketing client, we can see that search engine marketing is here to stay and that those who invest now will soon be industry leaders in their field.