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Did you know that the first thing that Google ever “tweeted was “I’m feeling lucky” in binary code? Well, that is exactly what they did on February 26, 2009, when they jumped on the bandwagon that has been nothing less than one of the most annoying trends of all time. Whether or not you are the type of person who is quick to latch onto the latest internet trend, or one who prefers to sit out and watch others make fools of themselves, it is impossible to ignore the internet’s far-reaching influence.

Unless you’ve been living underground for the last 15 years or so, it seems as if the internet cannot get any more popular than it all ready is. However, year after year global web statistics prove otherwise. For instance, statistics culled from the International Telecommunications Union show that the percentage of global internet users Continue reading

The Online Marketing Trick You Do Not Realize Is Working

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Google is one of the most well known companies today. While Google is synonymous with high tech innovation, not all of Google’s innovations are high tech. For example, Google uses goats to mow the lawns at the company’s headquarters. In any case, whatever Google is doing must be working. Shares in the company’s stock have reached over $1000.

While Google has a variety products, the company is perhaps most famous for their popular search engine. Search engines have become increasingly important for online marketing campaigns. This is because most consumers start researching a product or service by using a search engine. This is more than other methods like visiting a company’s website or asking others through social media. T Continue reading

Where Does Google Stack Up?

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Google rankings are probably the most important sector of your marketing outreach when you are building a company. engines”>You need to work to maximize your search engine rankings because, without proper search engine optimization, no one will be able to build a proper base of support. The internet is how people find new products today. They are wandering about with their mobile phones searching for a new answer. And 92 percent of people’s online activities begin with an online search of some kind.

Of course, when companies blog, they have about four Continue reading