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Studies have shown that only the first five options from a search engine are ever really chosen. Even if the perfect site is the seventh one on the list, most searchers will not browse too deeply into the options to discover that site. And why is it that this site, even though it is the perfect result for that specific search, is number seven on the list? Because someone did not optimize the search engine results when setting up the page. They did not tag the correct key words and label it properly, therefore the search engine does not know to pull this page up as its best option.

That is the key to start SEO business. The SEO reseller business makes sure that your site is number one. It is like asking someone about the best sushi restaurant in the city. If the best sushi restaurant has advertised well enough, then that person will know about it, and therefore that person can tell you about it. SEO reseller businesses are the advertising agency, but they do it passively. They do not go out and paste your advertisements all over web sites and social media. They do not put up billboards with your face. Instead, the start SEO business will make sure, that when the question is asked, the answer is your business. They make it so you are the right answer the first time, every time.

On top of that, the business will keep track of trending and searches, providing reports on site traffic, ranking in views and the searching of specific words. They are reputable companies that can write articles about your product so your business will be noticed, without spinning the article. Spinning consists of taking an already established article, either someone else as the writer, or it could be the spinning author’s own work, and they swap out simple words with synonyms in order to make it seem like a completely new piece of work.

With the start SEO business doing all of this behind the scenes, nitty gritty, SEO work, it allows the business owner to focus on the more important, customer side aspect of the business. They have the time to work on product, active advertisement, building their website, and any other task directly related to the business that they should be handling.

The SEO business is designed to be a constant boon and benefit to the business owner. It provides them with direct results, feedback and information on their site and their business, which they can then adapt and adjust on the fly, keeping the SEO fluid and evolving. It also gives the business owner the freedom to make decisions about the direction of the business on the web without having to dedicate so much time in order to make sure it gets done, and also gives the owner the time to focus on being the face of the business and work on the more active aspects of the business.

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