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Are you familiar with Google rankings and the PageRank algorithm that sorts out the results? Even if you are you might not realize that PageRank isn’t so named because it deals in web pages, but named after its creator, Google co founder Larry Page. Since the creation of this algorithm, internet marketing and search engine optimization have evolved considerably, although the underlying principles are still the same. Links are organically created within various kinds of content, and then search engine rankings respond to this presence. And here’s how SEO blogs figure into this.

SEO blogs refer to both blogs about SEO techniques (i.e. SEO news aimed at online marketing professionals), and also to unrelated blogs that are seeded with SEO content as part of a marketing campaign. Is it really worth using SEO blogs (either kind) to force your web content higher in the rankings? Research says ‘yes!’ In fact, 42 percent of all internet users are known to click the top ranking organic result at some point during a typical search. This generates an inbound lead, a type that has a 14.6 percent close rate as opposed to the unimpressive 1.7 percent rate produced by outbound leads (mailings, cold calls, etc).

SEO blogs can connect to each other, too, just by referencing one another. This association of content can be a great way to boost search engine results, and to increase the power and value of SEO blogs. So the next time one of the 65 percent of mobile internet users who rely heavily on their tablet or smartphone goes searching for a product they want, you may have SEO blogs and other SEO tools to thank if your web presence is one of the top ones they return.

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