Get Started with Your SEO Business Using These Three Top Tips

Did you know that billions of search inquiries are run through Google every week? The search engine marketing industry is now valued to be at around $23 billion. This includes SEO, PPC and more.

In an economy full of failed promises and lackluster returns, search is one industry that continues to make large gains and experience growth every year. If you are trying to find your toehold in search engine marketing, though, there are a few things you need to know.

1. How to Start an SEO Business

It’s fair to say that there’s probably no industry where hopeful start ups don’t approach thinking, “Hey, I could do that!” …only because they have no real idea what “that” encompasses. If you’re going to jump into SEO, you need to know the latest tips, tricks, and in depth solutions; you can’t just rely on what worked in 2008. Consumers are informed, and they expect you to be the same. Are you familiar with Hummingbird? This is the latest Google algorithm change. For small businesses, Hummingbird means that answering questions for end users is the new key to success.

2. The Benefits of Starting Out with an SEO Business Box

An SEO business box, or an SEO resell plan, can be a good way to test the waters of SEO. In this setup, you will work for an SEO business, but present yourself to consumers as the end source of the product. This is known as reselling. In order to help you sell their SEO, the company will assist you in learning the tools, metrics, and knowledge you need in order to be competent. You will gain experience understanding what customers are looking for, and how to match that up with what SEO is meant to accomplish. It will help give you the guide for starting an SEO business, without requiring a high initial investment from you.

3. Know the Facts about Online Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that about 93% of online experiences start with a search engine? You need to understand the full impact of search in order to not only run a successful SEO business, but explain to customers why they need your services in the first place. It’s worth investing in search engine optimization analysis software; it can give you in a few clicks a competitive analysis, ranking report, or a link audit. This data will help bolster your client’s trust in your services.

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