Want to Break Into the SEO Industry? Three Tips for Starting up Your SEO Business

SEOMoz released a survey of the SEO industry in 2012 that found that the majority of people working in SEO made upwards of $50,000 a year. Owners raked in the most money, with some making upwards of $150,000. If you are thinking about starting an SEO business, you’re entering at the right time. The industry is big, but not yet so crowded that it’s super competitive for entry.

That said, you are likely to be one of the 50% of start up businesses that fall flat on their face and close doors by the end of the first five years if you do not run a tight ship. Here is our three point guide on how to start an SEO business.

1. Get the Appropriate Tools

The age of making money from nothing, at least as far as the internet is concerned, is largely over. From the same SEOMoz survey, we can see that about 17% of SEOers spend upwards of $1,000 on tools and software. Another 18% spent between $100 and $300. In other words, you can’t just run your SEO company from Microsoft Excel. You will need to research your options based on what others in the industry are using. Your lucky break is that Google Analytics, at least at the basic level, is totally free.

2. A Strong Website

If you’re trying to advertise web services, you need a website that impresses. This doesn’t mean you need to spend $6,000 on high end web design, but it does mean you need to do more than set up a WordPress account. Customers will be looking for a sleek interface that is easy to interact with. Necessary information includes contact info, pricing packages, company information, anticipated results, and once it’s possible, customer testimonials.

3. A Clear Focus for your SEO Business Plan

How well do you understand the online search engine optimization industry? An in depth knowledge will be key to generating profits in your business. Clients want to trust that you have the edge over other SEO businesses. For this reason, you need to showcase not only your knowledge of the latest changes to the Google algorithm, but also how you have altered your approach to account for it. Have a clear direction for your company so that your SEO business plan is easy to explain to others.

Do you have tips for someone trying to start an SEO business? Let us know in the comments

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