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Google is one of the most well known companies today. While Google is synonymous with high tech innovation, not all of Google’s innovations are high tech. For example, Google uses goats to mow the lawns at the company’s headquarters. In any case, whatever Google is doing must be working. Shares in the company’s stock have reached over $1000.

While Google has a variety products, the company is perhaps most famous for their popular search engine. Search engines have become increasingly important for online marketing campaigns. This is because most consumers start researching a product or service by using a search engine. This is more than other methods like visiting a company’s website or asking others through social media. This means that the higher a site is in various search engine rankings, the more consumers are likely to visit that site and purchase those products and services.

The techniques used to increase a website’s ranking in various search engines are collectively called search engine optimization, or SEO for short. SEO has been shown to be one of the most effective online marketing techniques available. Part of the reason SEO is so successful is the sheer number of searches that are performed, over 100 billion each month. Every search has the potential to expose a company’s website to a consumer. SEO allows companies to take better advantage of this potential and harness it to increase their online marketing presence. So great is the success of SEO that 57% of business to business marketers claim that SEO is their largest source of new leads.

Another reason for the success of SEO is that other online marketing techniques are problematic. For instance, another popular technique called pay per click advertising generates advertisements online. However, most users simply ignore these paid advertisements. Conversely, SEO works by pushing a website’s rank in a search engine’s natural results. Studies have shown that users favor these natural results over paid results. SEO online marketing works precisely because consumers do not realize that it is online marketing at all, rather they tend to trust that a search engine’s results are ranked in the best possible order for their query. Today, more and more businesses are using SEO to better market themselves online.

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