What Makes Google Rankings So Important?

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According to the most recent estimates, web users conduct more than 100 billion online searches each month. Of those 100 billion plus online searches, Google is used for roughly 70% of them. When you look at how massive Google has become, it is amusing to think that the very first Google doodle was created by Page and Brin before heading to the infamous “Burning Man” festival in 1998.

Given the fact that Google controls the majority of the international online search industry, the internet behemoth’s PageRank algorithm and Google rankings have become critical within the realm of internet marketing. The importance of Google rankings can be attributed to the fact that businesses can use it as a gauge to measure the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns.

The way that Google’s ranking system works if fairly simple. If a business website gets a lot of hits, it will rank more highly than website that do not get many hits. The more highly a website ranks, its chances of appearing on the first or second page of Google search results increases. Therefore, the goal of all companies is to utilize the most innovative search engine optimization strategies to increase the number of hits their websites receive.

In order to achieve that goal, a top SEO firm can offer businesses cutting-edge online marketing tools and strategies. Additionally, SEO firms can help their clients to implement their tools, while also being there to assist them throughout the entirety of their online marketing campaigns.

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