Four Reasons Why SEO is More Important Than Ever for Internet Marketing

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Did you know, according to Forbes, that businesses spent more than $100 billion on digital marketing in 2012? As internet usage grows and eCommerce continues to explode, that number is assuredly only going to grow. Consider, eCommerce topped $1 trillion in 2012 and is expected to grow by an additional 13% to $262 billion in 2013. Don’t you want even a little piece of that?

Assuming you do, so-called sponsored advertising, e.g. PPC marketing, is not going to get the job done. Search engine optimization is the number one way to get your business noticed on the web, and it’s the number one way to start growing your revenue stream. If you’re still not convinced that SEO is the way to go, here are four reasons why SEO is more important than ever to internet marketing.

  1. Search Engines Are Only Getting More Popular
  2. Are you aware that Google processes more than 100 billion searches every month? Those 100 billion searches represent 93% of all online experiences, according to Search Engine Journal. Search engines are used 58% of the time to research a product. Social media platforms and company websites, on the other hand, are only used 18% and 24% of the time for that same purpose, respectively. If you are not making use of effective internet marketing strategies, SEO specifically, then you will be featured in precisely zero of those searches that could potentially lead to greater income.

  3. Organic Search Results Remain the Key to Click-Through
  4. Did you know that organic search results generate 25% higher click through rates than PPC sponsored ads? Organically high ranked results are crucial to generating higher traffic for your page. Consider, 75% of search users won’t scroll past the first page of results to find your content. Clearly, using SEO to get organically high rankings is the key to success.

  5. The Growing Mobile Market Relies on SEO Content
  6. The fastest growing and most important segment of internet marketing is the mobile market. Consider, according to Pew Internet over 60% of Americans have a smartphone that they use to access their favorite businesses and their websites. Almost half say they look up product reviews, search for product promotions and deals, and compare product prices using their mobile devices. Make sure they find you by implementing smart SEO into your internet marketing.

  7. Consistently High ROI
  8. For any business trying to market their business, ROI is essential. In that arena, too, SEO is the best option. Most recent statistics show that SEO marketing has an ROI of $15 for every $1 spent.

If you needed any more proof that SEO is the only way to achieve effective internet marketing, then there you have it. SEO is the key to generating higher click through, traffic, and ROI with both traditional and mobile markets. If you aren’t implementing SEO tools into your internet marketing campaign, what are you waiting for?

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